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Persuasion - Jane Austen This was the last of Jane Austen's books that I hadn't read. I think I was taking my time to get to it as I liked having one left to read. But now that I have read it, it is no surprise that I loved every bit.

I think more than any of Austen's other books, very little happens in this book. Its focus is all on the minutiae of life but also about the passion lurking underneath and the wisdom that can be gained in an ordinary life. It is what Austen does best.

Her protagonists here are also the most mature and I belive Ann Elliot to be the most beleagured of Austen's heroines. She has a truly horrific family and one can feel how empty her life would be as a spinster and how close to cliff edge she is. So her escape into a marriage with her preferred gentleman is that much more gratifying.

A well told story of a second chance