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The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb - Melanie Benjamin A fictional biography of Lavinia Warren Bump,exhibited by P.T. Barnum and wife to Charles Stratton aka General Tom Thumb. Ends shortly after the death of Charles Stratton and does not include the last 30 or so years of her life. She is a little person who strives to be more than her size.

I was surprised to realize halfway through this book that it has the same author as Alice I Have Been. I remember that book being subtle and nuanced and incredibly interesting. The autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb in contrast is interesting but anything but nuanced and subtle. Its overly sentimental, melodramatic with a less than likeable narrator. The melodrama is perhaps fitting as the story is meant to be being told by a performer, someone who made their living accentuating the drama in her life. I believe listening to the book may have exacerbated the melodrama as well as the reader, while realtively good, laid on the "expressive voice" during the more dramatic moments in the story.

But even realizing that the tone of the book was perhaps appropriate didn't help me like it any better. The protagonist was so full of herself, prissy and arrogant that it was hard to feel sympathetic as tragedy strikes. I also found the "romance" between Vinnie and Phineas T. to be a stretch.

So overall this was a disappointment for me though I can see the appeal of the book.