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Blackout - Connie Willis I didn't think I would ever finish this one. Over 17 hours of listening and this was a first book in a series. The writing style in this book wasn't really my cup of tea.

The obstacle to my reading (or listening) pleasure?

I kept thinking that it could have been about about 200 pages long if it had any thought towards pacing and cut out the constant repetitive,and redundant ideas and superfluous detail. At times I wondered if the book was meant as an educational book on World War II for young people with a thin disguise of fiction. I also had trouble connecting with the characters as to me they did not seem sufficiently unique. A lot of the situations seemed too obviously contrived to create tension. Unfortunately, I never really felt the tension.

Safe to say I won't be moving on to the next one at least not right now. I know a lot of people love Connie Willis' books but I just couldn't connect with this book at least at this time.