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Bad Luck and Trouble - Lee Child This was my first Jack Reacher novel. I am normally very anal about reading series of books in order but made an exception here - after listening it didn't seem to be a problem that this was book #11.

Reacher is united with some of his old army buddies when 1 of their former teammates is found murdered. As they start to investigate they find 3 more of their friends are missing. The remaining members of the old team are bound by the the ties that bind to find out what has happened to their comrades.

A pretty fun and adequate thriller. It was a little predictable at times. Reacher and his friends are all accomplished investigators and bad asses and yet there were a few times I beat them to the punch on what was happening. I'm not crazy about the whole sacrificing characters to advance the plot strategy. There was also a tad too much overwrought bravado and machismo.

So, its not great literature but an involving story and intriguing characters.