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An Ideal Husband - Oscar Wilde This is a lovely rather short play which showcases all of Oscar Wilde's wit and cleverness. It also seems to examines the question of whether the ends justify the means and if it is fair to hold ones mate to an ideal of perfection.

Sir Robert Chiltern is a rising star in the political world and is held up as a paragon of integrity and good sense. He has an adoring wife who seems to believe that she must worship her husband for there to be love in their marriage. Unfortunately his wealth and position are all based on a very dishonest act - selling a government secret when he was young and just starting out. He is being blackmailed. In steps the seemingly indolent Lord Goring who only plays the idiot in order to avoid any kind of expectations.

Its a fun romp with a little bit of romance, a little bit of intrigue and a whole lot of funny.