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Star of the Morning - Lynn Kurland I came to this book looking for a fun, escapist read. The last quarter of the book met these criteria pretty well but the majority of the book was a bit of a slog. Part of the problem was perhaps that this is the first in a series so there was a lot of set-up and character development. And that’s also part of the rub. Imagine a woman who is rude, unfriendly, arrogant, intolerant of other people’s weaknesses, no sense of humor and disgusted by anything she doesn’t understand. Sound like someone you want to spend any time at all with? Yea. Me neither. This was my read on the “heroine” of the story and I had a real hard time liking her. As a consequence, I had a really hard time buying into the relationships of the other characters to the heroine.

Some things I liked were the world-building and the other characters (all male interestingly) were likable enough if a bit one dimensional. By the last quarter of the book the action picked up and I was engaged enough to want to pick up book 2 in the series.

As the 2 start rating implies, It was okay. Okay enough that I will likely give book 2 a try but not without a little trepidation.