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White Heat - M.J. McGrath The first of a series of mysteries based in the fictional Inuit town of Autisaq on Ellesmere Island. It starts off kind of slow, I think to take the time properly introduce the characters, environment, and culture. The narrative pace does eventually pick up and it turns into quite an intriguing mystery.

Obviously the harsh and unique landscape is one of the most compelling things about the book. The authors descriptions of the arctic are very evocative and it was easy to imagine what it must be like to live in such an environment. The book also does a good job of illustrating how this environment, which because of its harshness has untill recently avoided too much human impact is starting to feel the pressure.

One minor note: be warned if you have a weak stomach! McGrath seems to revel in prominently featuring the Inuit diet which runs from seal blubber for breakfast to blood soup. Her description of that last almost made me gag. Typical Southerner (which is what the Inuit in McGrath's Ellesmere refer to anyone living below the arctic circle:)

Overall, it was a nice first book in the series but I'm not hopping from foot to foot waiting for the next one.