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Maisie Dobbs - Jacqueline Winspear Really uncommonly lovely historical mystery. Not a typical mystery because much of the book is spent introducing Maisie Dobbs. It moves backwards and forwards in time starting in Maisie's present (~late 1920s)where she is just setting up in business as a private investigator/psychologist. Her first commission is solved quickly but leads her to another more intriguing and personal mystery to solve.

The character of Maisie and the story of how she finds her self opening up her own agency is well told. The descriptions of WWI, its realities and the affect it had on people is extremely well done. There is one small throw-away scene in a railway station where Maisie is passing a father sending his son off to war that made my chest hurt because you could just feel the strong pent up emotion.

Maisie's approach to private detection is also unique. She is part therapist, part zen psychologist. She frequently mimics the posture, body position of a person she is trying to read to discover what the most base emotion that person is feeling.

Loved it and so glad to have discovered another great historical mystery series!