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The Borrower - Rebecca Makkai There was a lot in this book that didn't make sense but that didn't really take away the pleasure of it. I usually have a hard time with books that feature kids but Ian Drake was utterly charming and I found myself, like the protagonist just wanting to save him from anything that might squash his character. It would have been kind of fun to have been in his head for part of the book rather than just the librarian narrator Lucy.

In the end its a book about life's journey and how we can't change where we've come from and must learn to accept it. At least that's the message I got. I love Rebecca Makkai's writing style and the chracters she creates. The book is liberally sprinkled with literary references especially from kids books which is fun. My only complaint might be that I wish it had maybe been a tad shorter - Lucy and Ian's journey starts to drag a bit and feel like the same ground is being revisited over and over. But that is a small complaint.

The audio version of the book was well done.