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The Devil in Music (Julian Kestrel Mystery) - Kate Ross The last in a really enjoyable series. I even got a little emotional at the end of this, knowing it was the last. Julian was really starting to be fleshed out as a character and the potential of this series going forward was great. Such a bummer that it ended.

This installment takes place in Austrian ruled Italy. On the same night a very powerful man is murdered and his musical protege, a singer, disappears. The conclusion is inevitable. But of course Julian isn't convinced. As usual with the Kestrel books, the solution to the murder is not the only mystery, there is also the identity of the mysterious singer to be discovered.

My one complaint, is that it maybe got a little long, but the tidbits we learn about Julian and his background are worth it. I'm not a big opera fan but I enjoyed all the details about the musical world.

A great read and I will definitely miss this series!