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Blood Oath - Christopher Farnsworth Nathaniel Cade became a vampire just after the civil war when he was a young man working as a crew member on a whaler. Shortly after his transformation, he is bound to the office of the U.S. President by way of a voodoo priestess. The spell that is cast requires Cade to follow any orders given to him by the president or any of his agents and thus starts his career as a special agent (code name: nightmare pet) who takes care of all the supernatural threats to the U.S.

Zach is a young political aid working in the office of the president as a reward for his hard work on the campaign. He’s pretty much your typical political operative – ambitious, a little smarmy, and a tad morally ambiguous. Despite the fact that he has no military experience the president assigns Zach to take over the position as Cade’s handler.

This duo’s first mission together is the plot of this book. It’s fast-paced with short chapters with frequently changing scenery and action. In truth, nothing much happens though it feels like it does. Mostly I felt like I was getting to know the characters, as they got to know each other, and was learning the vampire mythology utilized by this book.

Speaking of which Cade is a vampire in a less romantic sense; he has a more animalistic and predatory vibe. I kinda liked this but it also served to keep me at a distance from his character. Since none of the other characters were particularly interesting, it meant that I was not as deeply invested in the relationships, which is what usually makes a book compelling for me.

Bottom line: Kind of unmemorable but decent action-adventure that moved along at a nice clip. Has some good humor and overall is a fun idea for a book.