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Alice I Have Been - Melanie Benjamin The story of Alice Liddell, told from her perspective. Alice L. is THE Alice - Alice in Wonderland. What exactly was the 7-11 year old Alice's relationship with Charles Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll? How did this relationship and it's symbolic memorialization in a famous children's story effect her adult life? These are a couple of the questions explored in the novel.

The plot picks up and drops off at significant moments in Alice's life and at times does meander. By the end it had wrapped things up nicely and I liked it even better upon reflection.

The strength of this book is in its exploration of its characters -mostly the narrator Alice Liddell but also the people that surround her - her mother, her sister Ina, Charles Dodgson. One of my favorite things that is presented really well is how stupid we all are at every age. We think we know better, we think we know our own selves only to find out in a year or two or twenty how little we really understand. This helped keep my sympathy with Alice even as she became overwrought and then cold and rather selfish in the latter parts of the novel.

The reader of the audion edition was very good.