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Miles, Mystery, and Mayhem - Lois McMaster Bujold This omnibus includes Cetaganda, Ethan of Athos, and a short novella, Labyrinth. I really liked this trio.

I had mixed feelings about Cetaganda. Miles rather irritated me in this one as he inserts himself/is thrust into solving a mystery singlehandedly. He has, to my opinion, rather dubious reasons for taking sole responsibility for the situation and I got a little frustrated with him at many points during the book. Of course Bujold does not have Miles act in this way by accident and by the end of the book Miles motives have been shown to be, as they have seemed, no more noble than he wants to be the hero. I really enjoyed the fascinating depiction of cetagandan culture and society. It was unusual for me to enjoy the setting more than the characters.

Perhaps because of my irritation with Miles in Cetaganda, I really enjoyed the Miles-less Ethan of Athos. Another facinating look at an all male planet that relies on preserved female tissue to produce children. Also the introduction of the fabulous Elli Quinn and an interesting little plot.

Labyrinth also presents us to the corrupt planet of Jackson Hole where Miles and his dendarii mercenaries have a neat little adventure.