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Dead Beat - Jim Butcher This 7th volume I think was my least favorite to date of the Dresden Files novels. In general the books in this series have gotten better as the series grows but this one fell flat for me.
Plot Synopsis – There’s necromancers, there’s a book they all want that will make one of them a god, there’s no Murphy, there’s a black court vampire who seemingly has little purpose or role in the book but to menace Murphy, there’s Dresden acting exceptionally self-important and destructive, and there’s no Murphy.

There is also a LOT of exposition explaining things that have happened in the previous 6 books – I know there has been some of that in all the books but this one seemed exceptionally redundant. One thing I am really compulsive about is reading (or watching) serial stories in order. I would NEVER pick up book 7 of a series unless I’ve read books 1-6 first. So I don’t really get the whole “we’ll make it a series but ALSO make sure each book can be read individually.” Because the way they do that last part is by having redundant and awkward exposition explain all the important happenings of the previous books. Very few authors can do it subtly enough to not make it annoying as hell. I feel like this book really suffered as a result of this and that’s the end of my rant. Sorry.

Dead Beat was a Dead Bore. But ya know - I'll read 8 as soon as I can get my hands on it :)