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Burnt Offerings - Laurell K. Hamilton Sigh....A big disappointment. I returned this to the library after only 150 pages. This is book 7 in the Anita Blake series and I loved books 1-3, liked books 4-6 and then this one just blew.

The objections: No real plot to speak of, an officially loathsome unlikeable Anita who is becoming increasingly worshipped by the other characters who have become ridiculous, and uninteresting. Scenarios only seem to be set-up for their sex appeal - At one point Anita's erstwhile werewolf ex-boyfriend is installing some equipment in the house. Said installation obviously requires he take his shirt off (though not pull back his sexy,wavy golden brown locks which fall alluringly in his eyes) and parade around the house in only his jeans and a layer of drywall. It makes no sense and screams porn flick. After this the novel devolves into a series of increasingly personal conversations and actions which take place in front of an audience of anywhere from 3-20 people.

I was pretty crushed that the series that started off great became this dull, uncreative and annoying. I don't recommend straying past book 6 in this series though who knows, maybe it improves again?