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These Three Remain - Pamela Aidan I got the three books in this series for christmas and have been devouring them. Is the story of Pride and Prejudice told from the perspective of Mr. Darcy. This I feel is way more interesting then the idea of continuing the Pride and Prejudice. Mr. Darcy is ripe for delicious psychoanalysis.

The author gets a little carried away (three books for what took Austen one)and her prose is a little too studied. Some reviews I read say the books make Darcy into a girl because he analyzes and overthinks many situations, but I don't totally agree. Mr. Darcy has always struck me as a thinker.

Another plus is getting to know some of the other characters a bit better, especially Mr. Bingley and Anne DeBourgh.

Anyway, I've really enjoyed them but they are not Jane Austen.